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The law office was established in 2001, while founder M.sc. Davorin Cmrečki, attorney at law has been actively practicing law, providing legal aid and representing local and foreign businesses since 1997. The experience of M.sc. Davorin Cmrečki in the provision of legal aid and representation for local and foreign businesses includes civil, commercial and administrative law, seizure and settlement law, energy and environmental law, family and labour law, sports law, intellectual property law, maritime law, and criminal and misdemeanour law.

In its daily operations, the law office is continually expanding the areas of legal assistance and the range of legal services provided, abiding by the fundamental principle of considering the overall complexity of a given situation or issue at all times, so as to successfully meet the client’s needs to ultimately achieve the most acceptable solution, particularly in financial terms. With this approach to serving clients, the law office is not limited to the above listed branches and areas of law.

In the listed fields of law, the law office provides legal assistance in all phases of resolution of dispute situations, before the courts and other state bodies and institutions, and also as part of alternative means of dispute resolution (mediation, etc.).

The experience and reputation of attorney M.Sc. Davorin Cmrečki, has predominantly been earned through the provision of legal assistance and in the representation of numerous domestic business entities and businesses, small businesses, crafts and self-employed persons, in addition to financial institutions, architecture studios and non-governmental organisations, construction companies and numerous other entities with a wide range of operations, from local and regional to international significance. The law office has also represented numerous business clients from Canada, the USA, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, China and other countries.

The size of the office, and above all the professional, conscientious and dedicated approach to representation ensures that Law office M.Sc. Davorin Cmrečki is fully able to take a direct and tailored approach to meeting the client’s needs in the provision of legal aid, regardless of the specific legal issue.

The Law office M.Sc. Davorin Cmrečki is a dynamic, flexible, ambitious and innovative law office that aims to establish long-term business cooperation with clients, based on the principles of mutual trust, respect and satisfaction in communications and the results achieved.
Law office
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