Trust in those who are seeking for the truth, doubt in those who have found it.

Trust in those who are seeking for the truth, doubt in those who have found it.

Trust in those who are seeking for the truth, doubt in those who have found it.

Intellectual property law 

The Law office M.Sc. Davorin Cmrečki provides active legal counsel for clients in the field of copyright and other real rights, and advisory services for the registration of trademarks. Additionally, legal counsel for clients, obtaining the necessary documentation and decisions from the State Institute for Intellectual Property and the regulation of rights for the use of copyrights, registration and protection of trademarks (TM, industrial property rights) is a significant part of our daily operations.

Sports Law

We provide legal assistance regarding counsel and the creation of contracts, agreements, unilateral statements and other documents for the successful execution of international sporting competitions.

A significant portion of the office activities is the drafting and defining of the legal framework and implementation of international rules and standards in contracts and agreements, and also the drafting of sponsorship contracts, scholarships and the drafting of legal opinions regarding the same, drafting contracts for catering, contracts on the buyoffs of domestic and international TV and multimedia rights, and the regulation of legal relations with marketing and the media, and legal relations with sponsors and official suppliers for sporting events and accompanying events.

Additionally, we provide the service of regulating legal relations with state and public authority bodies concerning the holding of sporting competitions, and legal relations with insurance companies on the provision of insurance for sporting events.

We also provide professional assistance to clients concerning the drafting of statutes, drafting and interpreting ordinances and other documents pertaining to the relations of members of sporting societies.

Energy Law 

In the practice of energy law, we provide legal assistance to renowned domestic companies to successfully face the numerous challenges characteristic of the energy sector, through a combination of pragmatic business counsel and innovative solutions. The law office has been recognised for its support for clients from the energy sector in the successful implementation of their projects, including the following activities:

- advising clients on the existing legal framework of the Croatian energy sector,
- advising clients on competition prohibition regulations,
- advising clients on the development, applicability and financing of investment projects to build and improve facilities for the transport and storage of - natural gas,
- drafting contracts and agreements,
- providing representation of clients before the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency and competent ministries in the permit granting process, and - - - - - regarding the securing of delivery of electrical energy (contracting supply and use of the network of the distribution system operator, etc.),
- provision of legal advice regarding the transport and storage of natural gas,
- provision of technical support in drafting proposals of subordinate legislation, and drafts of amendments to existing laws.

Civil Law 

Representation in the field of civil law (property and real rights, obligations law – contracted and other, inheritance law, tenancy law, etc.) includes the following:

- drafting contracts and agreements,
- drawing up wills and testaments,
- resolving complex property ownership situations,
- legal representation in litigation and out-of-court procedures ensuing from legal matters

Commercial Law and Company Law

Legal counsel in the area of commercial law and company law includes:

- provision of complete legal support in all segments of current operations of companies, status issues concerning establishment, transformation, etc, drawing up and alignment of internal documents and decisions, contracting insurance instruments and payments in status changes of entities – bank guarantees, lines of credit, promissory notes, etc.)

- legal counsel during due diligence procedures, payment transfers and acquisitions of business shares in companies, equity increases and decreases, mergers, drawing up of the complete document in the legal segment (contracts, other agreements, unilateral statements) for the successful execution of status changes to companies.


Administrative Law

In particular, the law office deals with the following segments of administrative law:

- resolution of the status of pension, health care and other forms of insurance, taxation, customs and currency matters,
- representation of clients in expropriation procedures,
- obtaining site and construction permits, other permits for legal construction, and other forms of authorisations and permits,
- representation of clients in compensation procedures for property seized during the Yugoslav Communist rule,
- representation of all administrative procedures and disputes,
- drawing up of all necessary contracts, agreements, unilateral statements, and other documents required by the client.

Seizure Law and Settlement Law

- representation of clients in forced collection procedures of client claims, monitoring the assets of client debtors, representation in seizure procedures, obtaining documents from courts and state bodies.

Family Law 

Representation of clients in divorce proceedings, agreed termination of marriage, status issues of spouses, alimony matters

Labour Law

- Drawing up labour contracts, termination of labour contracts, agreements on termination of labour contracts and similar documents regulating the legal labour status
- Resolution of business, labour and other status matters for aliens, and citizenship issues.

Criminal Law and Misdemeanour Law

We represent our clients in criminal, misdemeanour and customs proceedings, primarily involving criminal acts in the area of economic crime and traffic and taxation misdemeanours, and ensure the proper support in the resolution of their cases.

This representation and counsel includes defence in proceedings, representation of injured parties, taking the appropriate legal actions against proposed charges, misdemeanour orders and mandatory misdemeanour orders, and drafting criminal reports.

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